Laura Liza (1996) is a ceramic designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
After finishing a bachelors degree in illustration, at Willem the Kooning academy,
they realised there is just one thing that they love the most,
and that is making functional and sculptural objects from clay.

Every object and design is made with attention and admiration for the craft.
Laura Liza likes to make the daily rituals more unique, within these fast times,
ceramics call for tranquility and attention. That is what the objects try to tell you.
In their studio space they make new ceramics on the wheel and by hand daily,
a balance between the two techniques gives the pieces a unique look.

All the items are made by Laura Liza only.
Because of this every item is made with tender, love and care.
The quality reflects back on the time and effort that has been put into it. 



 photo by Jane Bergkotte